Atlantis Project

The Atlantis Project was conceived as a direct response to climate change, and the challenges faced by my community as sea levels rise. Much of Norfolk, Virginia is estimated to be under water by the 22nd century.

I have envisioned installations consisting of multiple panels arranged in a grid, at least 8 feet in height. These grids, to be installed on the 4 walls of a room, will surround the viewer and create the feeling of being underwater. The panels are made of plexiglass with media trapped between the layers. Depending on the media used, and the saturation of pigment, a watery effect is contained within each panel.

These environments are designed to produce very different experiences for the viewer, depending on the colors of the panels selected. One may have a very serene response to a room created with variations of white, aqua and blue tones. Rooms that are predominantly the blacks and browns of an oil spill, or the reds and browns of red bloom algae, produce an entirely different experience.

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